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Business Insurance

Superior, Affordable Cover for Your Business

Flexible Business Insurance Options

Ensure offers our clients a comprehensive range of Business Insurance options. Protecting your business is important, as it is a reflection of the countless hours and incredible effort you put in to make it successful. With a wide range of flexible business insurance options designed to protect you and your business, you can rest assured knowing your investment is safe from life’s surprises.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance protects you against claims of personal injury or property damage as a result of your business activities.

Professionals Insurance

Professionals Insurance protects your business premises and equipment from damage or loss, such as fire or burglary.

Industrial Special Risk Insurance

Industrial Special Risk Insurance combines several individual policies into one specialised plan for use by larger and more diverse businesses.

Trade Insurance

Protect your business property and equipment against damage or loss. Covers fire damage, tax audits, general property and business product.

Business Insurance

Business Insurance helps protect small to medium businesses, such as plumbers, electricians, earthmovers, etc. from damage or loss.

Farm Insurance

Farm Insurance protects against financial loss in the instance of major interruption to your business, including plans designed for machinery breakdowns or feed loss.

Commercial Motor Insurance

Commercial Motor Insurance allows you to protect the vehicles that your business owns, whether they’re on or off the road.

Fleet Motor Insurance

Specifically designed for medium to large businesses, Fleet Motor Insurance protects the business vehicles for sales and delivery teams.

Prime Movers Insurance

Heavy Motor Insurance is specialised protection for heave motor machinery or vehicles with a carrying capacity of over five tonnes.

Contract Works & Legal Liability Insurance

This policy is specially designed for businesses who own, run or manage any type of construction site, protecting against major contingencies.

Professional Indemnity

This plan is designed for those who provide professional advice as their business service, including accountants, marketing consultants and medical professionals.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Insurance to protect databases from being hacked

Construction Insurance

Covers the building whist being constructed

Mobile Machinery Insurance

Excavators, Bobcats, graders, cranes, etc.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Shipping freight insurance

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